claRa apaRicio yoldi

I’ve recently discovered the work of claRa, a video artist who, in her own words, “mixes video and animation with painting, found footage, digital collages and programming, to create visual poems.” I’m delighted.

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Uljana Wolf

Uljana Wolf schreibt wundervolle Lyrik. Die Lyrikerin, die in Berlin und Krakau studiert hat, lebt in Berlin und New York. Ihre Vielsprachigkeit in findet sich auch in ihrer Lyrik wieder. Interessante Gedanken zum multilingualen Schreiben und Sprachspielen kann mensch in diesem Interview nachhören:

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It’s only a few days until the exhibition BJÖRK is opening at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The museum shows a retrospective with Björk’s works of the past 20 years. Besides instruments used for Biophilia, one can see, hear and experience music from her new album Vulnicura, and a Songline – inspired by the songlines of aboriginal culture.

Until it’s opening and the physical album release, one can re-exerience one of the past concerts:

Letters Of Note

I guess it’s a little old-fashioned, but I love writing and receiving letters, handwritten even. There is such a joy in it. But even though my friends and I are sending us letters once in a while, I’d love to get more. Or at least: read more letters. How nice that I recently discovered Letters of Note, a platform that is gathering and sharing letters, postcards and telegrams. It’s a beautiful reading.

Now there’s even a book available with a collection of the Letters of Note.

PS: This is one of my favorite. And this.

Vater telefoniert mit den Fliegen

Vater telefoniert mit den FliegenWie so oft in der Geschichte der Menschheit, wenn mensch glaubt, etwas erfunden zu haben, kommt sie/er früher oder später drauf, dass das jemand anderer auch schon einmal erfunden hat. So erging es auch mir jüngst, als ich einen wundervollen Gedichtband von Herta Müller entdeckte. Hatte die Literaturnobelpreisträgerin doch glatt auch Collagen-Gedichte gemacht! :) Sogar wunderschöne, zauberhaft erfrischende – eine heiße Empfehlung! Continue reading “Vater telefoniert mit den Fliegen”

Searching for Sugar Man

Imagine this: one day you suddenly discover, that your music-super-hero from the US actually is totally unknown in his country of origin, although in your own country he is more famous than Elvis Presley and was considered the voice of a big political movement. Crazy! Imagine further, that this very person, is said to be dead, but when some curious beings do intense research, they find out: he is alive… But Sixto Rodriguez’ story is even crazier:

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