Work and Travel

Since I love to visit and experience many different places all over the world and I’ve gained some knowledge by now about how to do so, I’d like to share some great sites, networks and travel-tipps with you here:

Photo: Anni

Travel Know-how

Traveling without a big budget to get started is possible! There are lots of people and places open and welcoming to host you in exchange for help and contribution. You can find plenty to choose from. Platforms like, Help Exchange and offer a great variety of projects to volunteer – from NGOs, country life pioneers, schools, theatres, families looking for help in their gardens, with their kids or building a new house or website, to hostels and other enterprises, you can find almost anything, and will for sure find a host who is looking for what you are offering. The deal is often times this: Continue reading “Work and Travel”

BIG MAGIC. Creative Living Beyond Fear

big-magic_gilbertElizabeth Gilbert has brought forth another gemstone: BIG MAGIC. Creative Living Beyond Fear . In this book she reveals her view on creative (which is also, but not only ‘artistic’) living and encourages all of us, to go and live our creative potentials. To bring forth the gemstones that lie within all of us.
Gilbert invites us to pursue our curiosity, let ourselves be guided by what we find inspiring and enchanting. To really go for it and be open for ideas to flourish within and through us.

Creative living has no rules, it’s not about being right or wrong, Continue reading “BIG MAGIC. Creative Living Beyond Fear”

Gutes Leben für alle: Kongress

Gutes Leben für alleWelch erfreulicher Titel und Programm: Gutes Leben für alle! Von 20. – 22. 2. 2015 findet an der WU Wien der Gutes Leben für alle-Kongress statt. “Der Kongress erkundet, wie ein gutes Leben nicht nur für wenige, sondern für alle möglich wird. Es wird ausgelotet, wie Neues gesellschaftlich anknüpfungsfähig und selbstverständlich werden kann. Es geht um eine Politisierung der Frage nach dem gelungenen Leben und seinen Voraussetzungen. Gesucht sind Infrastrukturen – in einem weiten Sinn verstanden -, damit kreative und kooperative Problemlösungen möglich werden.” (Quelle) Continue reading “Gutes Leben für alle: Kongress”