BIG MAGIC. Creative Living Beyond Fear

big-magic_gilbertElizabeth Gilbert has brought forth another gemstone: BIG MAGIC. Creative Living Beyond Fear . In this book she reveals her view on creative (which is also, but not only ‘artistic’) living and encourages all of us, to go and live our creative potentials. To bring forth the gemstones that lie within all of us.
Gilbert invites us to pursue our curiosity, let ourselves be guided by what we find inspiring and enchanting. To really go for it and be open for ideas to flourish within and through us.

Creative living has no rules, it’s not about being right or wrong, about getting a Nobel Prize or performing on the world’s most famous stages. It’s about doing what you feel inspired by and love with a cheerful heart.
Don’t wait for anyone to give you permission to do the things you enjoy doing – it’s your birthright. You don’t even need schooling for it since as you create, you already are a creator, there’s nothing you’d have to proof.

Elizabeth Gilbert generously shares her thoughts, tricks and tools on how to live a creative life: How she kept her day jobs, although she had already published several books, in order to keep her creativity outcomes, her art, free from the burden. She treats ideas with a liking kindness: like beings of their own, who pay us visits, but retreat if we don’t welcome them. Our creativity is suggested to be treated like a hot affair: you will always find time to hang out with it…. – Her love for all things and beings can truly be felt not only between the lines.
It’s a pure pleasure to read Gilbert’s wise thoughts: she is so free and fresh in her thinking, that I’d like to conclude by saying: this book is a gift to you and to me. To anyone, who has the wish to express all that they are.

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