space and place

Regen-Wald  über dem Dornerplatz   © space and place

… is a meeting point and project for “creating cultural spaces” (kulturelle raumgestaltung) in Vienna – for locals, and those who want to meet some.
The initiators say: “space and place is about urbanism. We communicate, walk, plant, cook and research with locals. We play with the city of Vienna, animating social spaces to bring all kinds of people together in unusual situations. space and place takes risks and people enjoy it. … We hope our website can be a hub for dialogue and a forum to explore new initiatives. As outsiders and also residents, we celebrate

WIEN LEBT! © space and place

what is great about our city. The spirit of our project is expressed through some of our events: free bus tours where less-discovered quarters are celebrated with four very different residents as guides, encouraging dialogue; focusing on a neglected square and bringing cultural events that bring locals together with good music, food and art; a social dining series where you meet a stranger with a menu of questions and interesting local food.”

The space and place initiatives brim over with love, curiosity and enthusiasm for Vienna – its richness, that is created by all those who live here and contribute through their being: people, buildings, smells, stories, ideas, areas …


If we want a city to be our playground, we have to play at it

Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations © vienna unwrapped (mit freundlicher Genehmigung von space and place)

So you can join in for the Vienna Coffeehouse Conversations , an opportunity to meet strangers over a cup of coffee and a menu of questions, who “are designed to produce stories among participants, and the evening is basically an adventure in storytelling“. Or get to know Vienna’s ugly places in the Vienna Ugly Tours. You might also have waited for the moment to sniff around the place and explore the city’s fragrances with others in the Smells Like Wien Spirit Tour. (the mentioned events take place monthly or several times a month) To find out what else is going on, or to contribute with an idea, click here.


© space and place

Upcoming events

REICH + SCHÖN Picknick – 14. – 15. 08. 2016
REGEN.WALD – 14. 08. – 24. 09. 2016

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