United Invitations

“... is a movement of sharing meals e.g. matching suitable hosts with prospective guests. It is an initiative Dinnerparty Stilphotowhere immigrants who study Swedish are invited over for dinner to a native Swede’s house, or vice versa. It is about eating, speaking and meeting. And, hopefully, getting a new perspective. The Department of Invitations is a phenomenon. It is a non-governmental, non-profit movement without any religious or political affiliations. (source:website)

It is so great – and of course at the same time unbelievable, that it’s needed: When Ebba Åkerman, a swedish teacher in Stockholm, realised that her students don’t know any swedes, she came up with the idea of the Invitationsdepartementet, the Department of Invitations (now: United Invitations). Swedes can enroll on facebook or contact her to invite immigrants for a dinner. Ebba, now minister of dinners :), is bringing the people together, with the only criteria being if there is a kind of food not eaten by the person. It’s just about a dinner together: “United Invitations is about making memorable meals* and new dinner constellations** happen. *The meal is a dinner, free of charge, and in someone’s home. The meal takes place with no strings attached, and signing up includes no obligations apart from serving food at the agreed time. **Host and guests participate out of their own free will and with responsibility for themselves.  At least one of the participants should be a person who has moved to Sweden from a different country and who already speaks some Swedish. The guest is always welcomed to bring one person along to the dinner.(website)

Read more about this wonderful project on the website, facebook or articles in the NY Times, Die Zeit, Neue Zürcher Zeitung …  – and LET’S START THIS WELCOMING, INVITING MOVEMENTS EVERYWHERE!!! By now this wonderful movement has spread all over Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

… for arriving somewhere and feeling welcome…“:

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