If you want to write

… is the title of a wonderful book by Brenda Ueland. It is “A book about art, independence and spirit” says the cover – and that is more than true! I am very delighted and enriched by reading it. No matter if you want to start writing, doing art or just want to free your creative spirit, this is a great book to encourage you. 

Brenda says, that one should write with freedom and be honest and personal. One should work with all her/his intelligence and love. Because art is generosity, it is sharing.
She also assures one, that good thoughts and ideas come slowly, so it is a good idea to spend a lot of time with creative idleness: to her it is the dreamy idleness that kids have.
With a lot of fun and wit she brings examples from William Blake, van Gogh, Tolstoy and pupils from the writing classes she taught.
“I know what I say is true, because it is true to me and therefore I say it freely and you must have it.”

And so it is and it is a pleasant reading!

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