Ger To Ger

Have you considered traveling to Mongolia anytime soon? If not, you should! :) At least if you are a lover of wide, peaceful, untouched nature and “simple” life. One great possibility of discovering this wonderful country is the offered tours by the non-profit organisation Ger to Ger.

Ger to Ger is a nomad centered geoturism organisation, that offers tours such as:

* nomadic homestays (cultural exchange – learn about nomadic traditions, lifestyle and culture)
* learn to make nomadic felts or dairy products
* learn how to train eagles
* horseback-riding trips
* experience a monks life
* fusion packages … and many more!

Through those, Ger to Ger makes it possible for travelers, to experience Mongolia’s beauty in a sustainable and respectful way. Before you can participate in a trip, you need to follow an introduction to mongolian language and nomadic culture (e.g. how to behave in a ger etc.). They also teach you about sustainable and no-trace-tourism.

Learn more about Ger to Ger here. And check out the trips! Happy journey …

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