The School Of Tomorrow

“A ship where the pupils go on board to begin their educational journey” is how the Sydhavn School is being described (see: New Nordic – Arkitektur & Identitet, Louisiana). The school is under construction in Copenhagen right now, and is expected to open within this year.
It is a very interesting project under many aspects: Sydhavn School is going to be the first school building in Denmark to comply with the Danish Low Energy Class 2015 standard. Even more important is, the conception of the school. Sydhavn School was designed with the attitude, that children in motion learn best. That’s why all the surfaces were designed to promote movement, games and play. The schoolyard  is a school as well as a harbor park. And indoors the school is inspired by the space of the city, its streets, squares and workshops. JJW Arkitekter, the architects, designed the school in a way, so that there is both space for traditional learning and the potential to create different settings for learning.

The danish description is the most profound one. Here is one in english at the website of The Danish Architecture Center.

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