How to be idle

How to be idle – it’s the new bible! When I came across Tom Hodgkinson’s book, I had no idea how much the lecture would hit me. All I could do was to shout out YES!!!! with every chapter I read. It’s really been about time, that someone wrote such a book.

Everything that is written in the book is a big YES to life and all it’s pleasures and various aspects. Bringing in interesting thoughts by well-known authors, intellectuals, genius-thinkers, writers and talented idlers, Hodgkinson reflects upon sleeping in, the value of extended lunch breaks, tea time, smoking, fishing, party time, meditation …
One of his own conclusions is: “What I have found is that the less work I have done in the conventional sense, the more productive I have become. All that time doing nothing leads to the formulation of all sorts of good ideas. When you embrace your own idleness, you start to discover what it is that you really want to do. And you start to become alive.” (How to be idle, p. 276)
How to be idle makes a very pleasurable, witty and wise reading.

Luckily the fun doesn’t stop there: Tom Hodgkinson is also editor of the Idler magazine, as well as author of How to be free and Brave Old World.
Together with Victoria Hull he founded The Idler Academy in London.  It is an academy “of Philosophy, Husbandry and Merriment (and) a bookshop, café and centre of learning. You can participate in courses such as calligraphy, classical philosophy, make a herb garden and ukulele for beginners. The Idlers idea of education is the following: ” we want to liberate by giving people skills both academic and practical.
I can very much recommend to read about The Idler Academy.

Have fun! – And a toast to idleness!

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