The Man With A Movie Camera

The name is the programm of the film: Dziga Vertov is a man with a movie camera, who films many different aspects of urban life in Soviet cities in the 1920s. Together with his wife Elizaveta Svilova he created the experimental silent documentary film The Man with a Movie Camera out of the many bits.
They used and invented many cinematic techniques, as fast motion, slow motion, extreme close-ups etc. It should be shown, that film can go anywhere.

Here you can see a part (you might wanna mute the sound and play some music, this clip comes with explanations):

And here can you see how Emeralds combined a part of the film with their music:

3 thoughts on “The Man With A Movie Camera

  1. Ich kenne D. Vertov, hat auch eines der wichtigsten Bücher über den Dokumentarfilm geschrieben, war der Begründer der berühmten Filmschule in Riga (später Herz Frank, den du ja kennst). Sind tolle Bespiele, die du da gefunden hast!!!

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