Frequent readers of my blog may have noticed, that education is something that keeps me thinking. A lot, to be honest.
School was barely inspiring, university disappointed me pretty much from the start. How and where can I learn and explore things in an atmosphere which I enjoy?
I had already been trying for quite some time to find an answer, when I discovered Højskolerne through my danish friends.  – So, what’s in the name?

Højskole, or Danish Folk High School, as it is translated, is a unique kind of school. The Danish theologian, writer, philosopher, historian, educationist and politician Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig founded them in the 1830s, wanting to establish schools with popular education as the primary focus.
Over the years some tradtions and ideas have changed – but today there are still around 80 Højskolerne  all over Denmark, each of them offering a different way of support in personal development. Schools can specialize on either art, music, sports, film, writing, ceramics, philosophy, politics, … or on a mixture of some of them. The classes are usually in Danish, but international students are welcome at many schools.
Most of the schools offer short or long courses; an average stay lasts for 4 months.

A very important aspect about the schools is that there are no exams. After attending the school you’re not qualified (in terms of a qualification on paper) for something. You go there because you want to learn something in a great and inspiring atmosphere. There is also no age restriction. No academic level is required. It’s about helping you to find out what you enjoy doing. It’s about being creative. It’s about expressing yourself.

If this doesn’t sound awesome – well, I don’t know…! I’m excited, how about you?

6 thoughts on “Højskolerne

  1. veramente bellissimo!!! express yourself katharina, I know that there is a lot of awesomeness inside of you that is waiting to explode….in danish :).
    tanti baci!!!

  2. Na, jetzt habe ich einmal genauer deine dänische Hojskolerne studiert, das ist sehr toll. Kannst dich wirklich drauf freuen!!!

  3. What an exciting way to offer education!
    Let’s learn something from those Danes in the other European countries!

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