Eat Pray Love

Sometimes you get to read those books, which you can’t stop reading. You simply enjoy their company way too much. To me one of those books is “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.
In this autobiographical novel she tells her own story about how she takes a year off after having gone through a tough divorce and travels through Italy, India and Indonesia. On her first stop she learns how to enjoy the pleasures of life, especially eating and il dolce far’ niente. Then a stay in an Ashram in India follows, where she is trying to get closer to God. Finally she spends some time in Bali, to where an old medicine man had invited her to live with him and to teach him some English. Although he doesn’t remember this, Gilbert has a great time learning from him and other people she meets. – Last but not least, after she has gotten back to love herself, she is then ready to open up again for another person.

Elizabeth Gilbert brilliantly succeeds in describing her experiences with intelligence and an open-mind. Reading “Eat Pray Love. One woman’s search about everything across Italy, India and Indonesia” is fun and interesting as well as broadening one’s horizon. She comes up with many different, new ideas which she learns from people all over the world. I’m delighted that this book has become a bestseller. Enjoy the reading! : – )

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