Do schools kill creativity?

This is sooooo very, very true:

Some of the things, Ken Robinson says: All over the world, schools have the same hierarchy in subjects. (Why don’t we teach dance the same way we teach mathematics?) “Academicability” has designed our view of intelligence. The whole education system is a process of university-entrance. => Many brilliant people think, they are not.
We need to radically review our view of intelligence: it’s diverse; it’s dynamic; it’s distinct. We have to rethink the fundamental principles on which we are education our children. For the future this system won’t serve.

Can pleaaaaase all the people in charge of education watch this three times a day? Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Do schools kill creativity?

  1. großartig!!!! danke! es ist genau was ich denke!!! es ist einfach 100000000%ig so!! oh, may all the teachers + politicians + … watch this!!!

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